September 9th, 2005

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Battlestar Galactica 1978 : Saga of a Star World , part I

BSG 1978
Starring :
Dirk Benedict
Richard Hatch
Lorne Greene
Jane Seymour

And others.

This is "part one" of the pilot of the 1978's version of Battlestar Galactica. In fact, part one of the pilot is not specified on the DVD (it just is like a big movie), I just stopped where I thought it was right - from the beginning until the people from the colonies go to join the battlestar Galactica. It seemed like an appropiate ending for the first part to me.

I've tried to cap this the best I could - some of the caps might be blurry, unsharp, grainy. The mastertapes of the original series did not survive too well. The color might be off as well, but behind the cut, I'll show you what a bit of playing around with Photoshop (7) can do.

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The zip-file is 30.5 MB and contains a little over 800 caps. They'll be up on yousendit, until I can find an a good freeware FTP program and can put them on my webspace. Tell me when the links have expired, and I'll put them up again.

Also, I adore credit. Please link back to teh_steph or _teh_steph_


Expect the next installment in a few days. Also, would there be anyone interested in caps of Space: Above and Beyond? ( Yeah, I'm a sci-fi geek, so wat? XD )
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a sudden region problem on DVD driver.

hey, since I do cap a lot of things and share on this comm, I hope you may help my sudden problem:

today, I sat down to cap s1 of Alias (which is a DVD I used to cap pretty well before), and suddenly my computer said that it is a region 2 DVD, and my dvd driver has been set to region1, and I have only one region change chance.

now what I want to learn is, especially for the ones leaving in Europe, can you look at your DVD driver's properties/DVD region, and tell me which region you are using? If it is region 2, can you watch region 1 too?

I need to watch/cap both of them, and I don't know what to do.

solved! "DVD x ghost" solves *this* problem :)
stock - dublin sky was changing you

Alias - 1x17 - Q&A - Whole episode caps.

Again, the time has come :)
Today, I had a very scary morning, my DVD-Rom got mad, and didn't let me play my season 1 discs. Thanks to gunshotbeauty, I had found a solution, and I could cap :)

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the caps of the episode called "Alias for the Dummies" is below :) Since Sydney and Kendall nearly had the same facial expressions whole episode, I was fair enough in the caps. Same with the car chase, I think no one wants 100 police cars caps, right?

Okay, here we go, same rules, same zips, same person :P And also alias_challenge members, happy challenge time! I hope the caps are useful for you :)

Sample Caps + Zip File.. )