September 13th, 2005


Planet of the Apes (Daena/Estella Warren Caps)

I capped these for my site (please don't ask me to cap the whole movie, I had to return the dvd today) your welcome to use for anything.

  • Comment If You Take
  • Credit PLEASE (This took forever)
  • Do Not Claim as your own or take for your sites
  • Do Not Hotlink (Sample Images/Captures)
  • If you make anything, I would love to see :)

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Lost Season 1 DVD Extras

DVD extras for Lost Season 1 are now up. There are 6,000+ caps in 50 different galleries. All the sizes and qualities of the caps vary from extra to extra. But the only thing that is really iffy quality-wise, in my opinion, is the audition tapes. But that's their problem, not mine, lol.

Anyway, under the cut there are a bunch different cap examples, a link to the galleries, and several different .zip files if you prefer to get them that way.

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