September 14th, 2005

Tangled. "Cast Iron"

Taking FF7 Advent Children Requests.

Hi guys, I'm not a big FF7 fan, but for teh prettiness I went and downloaded the Advent Children movie, and I'm about half an hour into it. I've been screencapping for my own icon journal's sake all along at random intervals, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in screenshot sets from this movie. :D Full movie, every scene. :D
five more seconds;

Advent Children - Full Movie


First time actually posting caps.

I made 2168 screencaps of Squeenix's new movie FF7: Advent Children, and They're avaliable in my Photobucket account.

I've only got about 900 caps up right now, but over the course of today and tomorrow I SHOULD have the rest.

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If you take these caps, Please...

Comment// I'd like to know where my bandwidth is going.
Credit// orphen OR herbskillz, my graphics journal, will do fine. Just in a resource post, or something, I'm completely not picky.
Don't Hotlink// I pay for my PB, and I'd rather it not be streched out five million ways across the web.

Additionally, no, I am not making a Zip file. Yes, I am in possession of one on my computer, but it is massive. Well over 100 MB, and all the places that I use for small uploading can't support a file of that size. Breaking it down would be about as much of a pain as it is to upload all these files to PB.

Thanks for looking~!
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Revenge of the Sith (Requested Scenes)

Here are the requested scenes from Revenge of the Sith! A sample from each request is also below the cut. These are zip files.

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The links are MegaUpload so if they ever expire, just let me know and I'll update them!

If anyone else decides they want a certain scene after seeing the caps, then please comment with your requests! And feel free to direct anyone to this site if they want caps, because I'm happy to provide them for fellow graphic makers/cap lovers.