September 15th, 2005


Detroit Rock City /// Entire Film /// 1830 In Total

Sorry these aren't the greatest quality, Im still very new to capping, anyways its lots parts (thats easier for me with uploading times) sorry they aren't in a gallery, if anyone wants to host these through a database (IE-coppermine) please let me know, It will take to long to upload to photobucket and their are too many files. If you need me to focus more on a scene just say so and I'll try and get those to you soon.

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Final Fantasy: Last Order

583-ish caps of the Final Fantasy OVA Last Order that came with the special edition DVD release (lucky owners). it's anime, by the guys at madhouse. i didn't exactly play the whole of the game, but from what i gather, they changed *some* parts of what was in the game.

who's in it? zach, cloud, sephiroth, tifa aaaaand the turks ^_^

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if you want to get the torrent (i believe there's a subtitled one out right now. god they're fast) search it on tokyotosho. you can also search for the torrent of the DVD-rip of Advent Children. i think there are about... 4 raw versions, 3 subbed versions aaaand a sprinkling of other language-dubbed versions ^_^
stock - dublin sky was changing you

Hp : GoF International 2nd Trailer HQ Caps.

As you can see, I'm back onto work again :)
I hope that there aren't many caps zipped, cause yeah, I'm selfish :) But if you know my works, yeah, this time it's different too. The differences are :

1. They are big (1000x423) or you can call it HQ :D
2. I've capped a lot of the one second frames :) You'll know what I mean when you get into the zip :)
3. I've capped that fabulous Ron moment, the cool Krum moment, the hottest Cedric smile moment with lots of caps too :) Yeah, Harry goes along too :)
4. I capped it :P

Okaay, let's move onto the most amazing trailer of all :

Sample Caps + Zip file.. )