September 22nd, 2005

Lazy Days
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Lost episodes 13, 14, & 15 Season One

I am sure that people have capped Lost to the extreme but as I was capping these for myself and experimenting with the program I have already on my PC, I was curious to see what the size and quality would be like, I thought I might as well post these here and see if they come in useful for anyone else, there are 132 caps altogether.

Comment and please give Credit to graphical_love if you use, thanks!

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Disney's Fantasia Caps

These are not of the entire film, only certain segments (since I only had the DVD for a limited time). The following segments I capped were

-All of the Nutcracker Suite (each movement has its own .zip file)
-The Sorceror's Apprentice
-The Pastoral Symphony
-Dance of the Hours

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