September 24th, 2005

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LOST - 2x01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith - Whole episode caps.

Well, surprise! :) You know I'm not into Lost and capping of Lost, but what can I say? I did it while watching, so here I am :)

Again, I'm sure that there's been a lot of posts of caps coming out even when I'm typing this, but as I've checked, besides, there are no big and zip caps online, so I'm posting :) if you know my works, yeah, this time it's different too. The differences are :

1. They are big (1216x672) or you can call it HQ :D
2. I've capped that important frames :) You'll know what I mean when you get into the zip :)
3. I capped it :P

Okay, let's move onto the season opener of LOST :

Sample caps.. + Zip File.. )
karl&creativity... (( UW ))

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Episode 23

Wooo, decent-looking episode. Little-Syaoran is still adorable as ever. :] And I was surprised to hear "You Are My Love" in English.
The preview for the next looks so pretty! :D Kurogane looked awesome...just like episode 19! Cannot wait until this episode noww.
..307 caps..704 x 396..8.95 MB ..

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