September 28th, 2005

Grey's Anatomy 2x01 - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

I haven't capped in a long time but I couldn't find decent Grey's Anatomy caps from the premiere so I capped it myself. :) I went a little crazy with capping, especially with the *cough* Alex/Izzie scenes *cough*. Hope you like these guys...

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There are 809 caps in total with the seize of 624x352.
All pics are in .JPEG and the file is about 28MB.

D/L and instruction can be found at my graphic journal. Follow me please...
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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen -- 100 caps

Hi there, first time poster. I just joined this community, because after stealing enjoying the caps made by other people for so long, I wanted to show my appreciation by contributing.

That, and I just learned how to make caps yesterday.

To celebrate my newfound knowledge, I took 100 screencaps from one of my favorite movies, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Mostly they ended up focusing on Tom and Dorian, because I have a fondness for eye candy. I was shooting for two things -- images I'd never seen capped, or caps I didn't already have myself. The last fourteen caps in the gallery are from deleted scenes.

No password required. Enjoy!
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Hp : Making of PoA caps

Today, I found a video that is 11 minutes long, and hosted by Dan, Rupert and Emma, with the rest of the cast. It includes behind the scenes footages, memories of the sets, and how did they make Prisoner of Azkaban.

Maybe that is an old video, but it is surely new for me, and I've capped it during watching.

The caps are big, and they may seem blur to you, but as in the teaser, when you make them into icons size, they are quite good, and playable.

Sample caps.. + Zip File.. )