October 12th, 2005

Grey's Anatomy 2x03: Make Me Lose Control

Here are the caps of the last Grey's Anatomy ep. :)
Just a plea: Could you tell the people at ABC that they please stop airing such awesome GA eps? Cause I ended up with nearly 1000 pics! *gasp* Just kidding! *rofl* I don't wanna know how I will survive an ep when Alex/Izzie really end up together... LOOOL

Also, I apologize if some caps look weird but my lappie totally went screwy for the last 10 minutes. *sigh*

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There are 963 caps in total with the seize of 608x336.

D/L and instructions can be found at my graphic journal. Follow me please....
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My DVD List

Feel free to request anything, but be as specific as all possible! And remember to give me a little time to get the requests done as I work almost seven days a week sometimes! :)

I will do these requests on a first come first serve basis, since it'd be the easiest. I will eventually get to all requests, just have some patience with me and my hectic life :)

Oh! And please do not request movies I do not have on my list, I don't have access to any one else's movie library at this time. Thanks!

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