October 16th, 2005

XF I Want to Believe

Capping with Mac OS X (Jaguar)

I've checked the memories and followed the suggestions posted there already, none of which helped. I was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable program for Mac OS X (I'm using v. 10.2.8, Jaguar) to use for screencaps.

I've tried SnapnDrag, FreeSnap, SnapzProX2, DVDCapture 2.5, Capture Me, and ScreenCaptureGUI and *nothing* seems to work. Other people with seemed to get results, but they all have higher versions of the OS and all the programs I've tried don't work. Why isn't there a DVD player program out there for Mac that offers screen capture? Isn't there something akin to PowerDVD for the PC that's available for Macs? I'm willing to pay for a program that works!
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