October 17th, 2005


Flash annimations

Ok there are a bunch of flash animations that I want to screencap. I looked through the memories but cannot seem to find any help on how to to do it. All I really wanna know is how do I save a flash animation so that I can run it through say power dvd for example so that I may take screencaps of it? Any help or direction to a place that explains this would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

Black Cat episode 02 & opening screencaps

Black Cat Episode 02 & opening screencaps
Episode 2 - 423 caps
opening - 142 caps
(In .zip format - assembled pans can be found over at my journal.)

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Credit isn't necessary, but appreciated! Please comment if you take, though. xD

In case these ever run out, up-to-date uploads are kept in this table of contents. I regularly check the downloads to make sure they haven't expired; but when the files do expire, I reupload them here. Thanks!