October 19th, 2005

Grey's Anatomy 2x04 - Deny, Deny, Deny

Yeah, I am a little late again. I am sorry but with university and RL in general it's a little hard to keep up with everything.
Nevertheless, here are the caps of Grey's Anatomy 2x04 "Deny, Deny, Deny" which was OK. Not that great but it had a lot of shipper moments. C/B and A/I anyone? *squeeeee*

Also, a slightly A/I overload when it comes to the caps. Well, you know me....*g*

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There are 720 caps in total with the seize of 624x352.

D/L and instruction can be found at my graphic journal. Follow me please...
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Slayers Premium screencaps

Needing some source material for icons, I started doing some screencapping from Slayers. This is the fifth movie that aired in 2001. I hope folks will find these useful!

Caps are 853x480 and are in .jpg format

(Samples and download link at my icon journal)

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No credit is necessary, but please comment if you take the screencaps. Also, please let me know if screencapping this series is something y'all would like for me to keep doing.
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Firefly: Safe - River dances.

It's been a while since I've done anything icon related and I've just discovered how to screencap so here's a quick post from me with

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Of River dancing from Safe, an episode from Firefly. Wow was that one a stupid one to do for my first attempt capping, so much blurring, that girl can move! And here are a couple of icons made using these caps and movies (just because I'm quite proud of them!(they need a little work still though))

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Law & Order: SVU - Ep.7x02-Design

Here are the caps for SVU Ep.7x02-Design. The caps are specifically of Olivia/Mariska & Casey/Diane. There are 325 caps total, all are 720x456 in size. Behind the cut are four sample caps as well as the link for the rest of the images (held in a PhotoBucket account).

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No credit needed for use of any of these caps, but please let me know what you think (& if you are going to take any). Thanks a lot ... enjoy!

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