October 23rd, 2005

El Mariachi shot up

Timeline - Gerard Butler

I just finished making 475 caps of Gerard Butler from the movie Timeline. Just him, only him, nothing but him. Figured I might as well try sharing here since that was a lotta work, lol.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the album of caps, if you'd like to check 'em out. Choose ORIGINAL once you click on a cap to get it in its 640 x 480 size.

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Serenity Screencaps (FULL MOVIE)

4,026 Screencaps: Serenity (Full Movie)
Caps are 640 X 240: Good/OK Quality
Good for icons and small blends, and if you're clever with a graphics program, you can do more.
Now, I 'll be adding mirror links later today. Caps are zipped, because I wasn't going to be uploading 4,000 something to a photobucket, and I don't even have the space for it.

Note: some caps are out of order in some sections, because I went back to recap something I missed. Just so you know.

Credit to cassiee or cassandra e, if you take some/or use. These took a while to cap and covert into jpegs and so on.

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Screencaps: // JLP Acoustic

These are screencaps of the 7 minute documentary that can be found on Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill Acoustic" CD.

[magaupload link]

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- comment if saving.
- credit must be given to verymad_affair or frenchie_icons.
- feel free to use for icons, mood themes, banners, headers, blends, layouts, etc.
- .jpg format, 322x241.
- x-posted to frenchie_icons, alanism, & cap_it.
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This is the way

DVD List

I'm new so here's my DVD List, I have over 400 DVD's and currently no access to the list, so I'm only going to list the ones I can remember off-hand, and I'm willing to sit through and watch so I can screencap them. Sorry I know there's much more than I have listed that I'll screencap, just can't think of any at the moment.

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[lost] sun & jin // home

[anime] paradise kiss episodes 1 & 2

hello, this is my first contribution. caps of the awaited anime, from the work of goddess yazawa ai, paradise kiss episodes 1 and 2 (but mostly 2).

i originally took the caps just for some potential icons, so i didn't take many, nor do i have a whole lot of variety. i'm sure someone will make better ones, but for now i figured some one might find these useful.

-39 images (41 caps, but i merged three together)
-mostly episode 2
-mostly george and miwako (i'll get some of isabella when they have better shots of her)
-mostly without subs, but a few do have them
-samples are re-sized

-comment appreciated
-credit required
-do not direct-link

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since this was my first time sharing my caps i was a little unsure about some things. i cut off the black strips on the top and bottom...but do people prefer leaving them there? is 1280x720 too big, do people prefer smaller? is png okay, or does it slow the download down? also, as i stated before, some of the caps have subtitles. i try to avoid it as much as possible, but there's only so long i'm gonna pause and un-pause a single scene. but this could be avoided with a player that goes frame-by-frame...can anyone recommend one that is free for mac OS X?

thank you, and enjoy! :]