October 24th, 2005

Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

2012 Mr and Mrs Smith Caps

I just capped a dl of Mr and Mrs Smith. 2012 640x288 caps. Credit very much appreciated, but comments are a MUST. I like to know who's dling the caps.

You can find the zips here.
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Law & Order: SVU - Ep7x05-Strain

I've capped Ep7x05 - Strain. Here are 300 caps, each 624x352 in .JPEG form. Behind the cut are some sample caps as well as the link to the rest of them (they're held in a folder on YouSendIt ... no longer in a PhotoBucket account). The folder is in .ZIP format and is about 6MB in size. I still have all the .PNG images, if there's an image(or images) you'd like in the .PNG format, let me know the number(s) and I'll get it/them to you. :) Caps are Casey/Olivia focused.

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No credit needed for use of any of these caps. Please comment if you take any. Thanks, enjoy!
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Wonderfalls: 1x01 "Wax Lion"

Hello all! I was having computer problems before and thus could not cap, I found caps for "Wax Lion" here, but for some reason whatever I did, it would not open up in psp. So I finally got my laptop back and in working order, so I decided to cap it myself. There a lot of Jaye caps, because hey, she's my fave character lol.

249 caps from Wax Lion

It's my first time posting here so all I ask is for some comments/feedback, that would be great.
Did you like the quality of the caps? The caps themselves?
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what do you guys use to make caps? i have dvd shrink, windows media player, nero media player, and quicktime but the CTRL print screen isnt working for me for some reason, and i really like to cap, so any tips, trick, or sugguestions for new programs?