October 26th, 2005



I use Virtual Dub to screencap, but Ive two movies that I've downloaded, one is in .ISO and the other is .CUE/.BIN

Virtual Dub doesn't cap these formats and I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs that would convert the movies to .AVI or .MPEG for me? Ive tried Daemon Tools, and all that does is give me .VOB files.
DM - walking to boat

the thing called love, running on empty, MOPI

Anyone who wants caps of "the thing called love", starring River Phoenix, Samatha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney and first time acting job Sandra Bullock?

The quality is a bit "off", since I copied this ex rental video onto DVD. And there's Dutch subtitles on them (which don't look good) But good enough to make icons from. *points at own icon* Let me know and I'll upload 'em as soon as I can.

Also, in the future, I might cap "Running on empty" (also a DVD copy from VHS) and still working on "MOPI".

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Let me know if there is any interest, and I'll finish capping TTCL and upload it.