October 27th, 2005

This is the way

G.I. Jane Screencaps

2503 untouched caps for the full movie, and 233 untouched for Senator DeHaven only, sorry this took so long, uploading took forever.

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If there's any problems with the downloads just let me know.

Edit - The full movie download should work now:D

Magnolia (1999)

I've uploaded nearly 250 screencaps from the movie Magnolia to my Flickr account.

The whole movie has been capped and uploaded, but I've also got the .zip file if you want to take the lot.

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More sample thumbnails, links and rules are over here at my journal.
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1024 Veronica Mars 2x05 caps

1024 caps from last night's Veronica Mars, "Blast from the Past". All untouched. PLEASE leave a comment if taking, so I know how many people have use for them.

You can find them here.
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One Tree Hill - 3x04 - "An Attempt To Tip The Scales"

I've got 1,270 screencaps all sized 624x352 of One Tree Hill - 3x04 - "An Attempt To Tip The Scales". Three samples are behind the cut, and you can find the gallery here.

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I'd appreciate it if you comment if you download them, and credit myself or whoresque if you use them in icons/graphics. :) Enjoy!

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EDIT: I will now be adding a .ZIP to these posts because of the high demand. You can download it here - it's 45 MB in size, btw.


Also -- to the mods, I was wondering how long it takes for the memories to be updated? I've noticed a few of my caps aren't in there, and they're a couple weeks old now.
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The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy *2005* - Whole movie caps.

Oh my, I'm in love! With Marvin. *loves*
I, today, bought the 5-in-1 version of the books :) I've borrowed all seperate books from a friend and read them before watching the movie, and today, I couldnt resist more, and bought it :)
Do you know that they'll shoot the other books too? I'd love to see it :)
Also, Alan Rickman=Marvin=Love :)

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