October 28th, 2005

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original star trek 1x05 - 1x25

i've been going through the star trek: the original series dvds and making caps of every episode.  the caps are mostly kirk- and spock-centric.  right now my lj pictures gallery contains around 1200 total of 1x05-1x25 and 1x27 (the enemy within, the man-trap, the naked time, charlie x, balance of terror, what are little girls made of?, dagger of the mind, miri, conscience of the king, the galileo seven, court martial, the menagerie, shore leave, the squire of gothos, arena, the alternative factor, tomorrow is yesterday, return of the archons, a taste of armageddon, space seed, this side of paradise and the devil in the dark).  however, i'm going to be deleting the majority of each gallery gradually as i run out of space, starting in the near future.

the galleries are here.  some sample caps (interspersed with slash recaps) are in my journal here.
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99 GoF screencaps (Campsite scene)

On The Leaky Cauldron, earlier today, they posted a bundle of clips from Goblet of Fire, including a clip of the campsite scene in Quicktime, which I dutifully capped. And I don't think I've seen them here yet, so.

Note: will contain spoilers, but if you haven't read the book, why not?.

Examples and zip link

99 (quite small) Goblet of Fire screencaps. A lot of them are detailed enough to make minimovies from, should you be so inclined.

Please comment if you're taking, and credit (to wastedfairy) would be nice.
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BSPlayer Question.

I know these posts are annoying, but I checked the memories and didn't see anything on this, so... I use BSPlayer to cap and I've noticed that when I hit the button to make it cap very frequently, a thing pops up on top saying 'Frame saved to ____.jpg', which is fine and dandy, but now it's starting to actually show up on the caps themselves.

Collapse )

Is there any way to fix this? I don't want to share these caps with a watermark on them :/