November 2nd, 2005

fm ( flowered ) © kurogane

MOD POST: Rules Reminders

Just a few reminders since I've been seeing a lot of these things lately.

1) ALL images belong behind an lj cut. If you don't know how to make one, feel free to ask me. It doesn't matter how big or small the image is but it belongs behind a cut. If a mod asks you to put an image behind a cut and you have shown activity in the post or a day or two goes by, the post will be deleted.

2) Please utilize the subject lines. This helps me put the many posts in their rightful spots in the memory section. If it's a movie, put the title. If it's a music video, put the band and song name. If it's a tv show, put the show name and maybe even an episode number. All other information is optional. And as a personal side note to this, if you are posting caps for a television show and have multiple episodes you would like to post at once, they are allowed to be put in one post. In fact, I would love you for it.

3) This is not to be confused with the rule of one title per post. Multiple episodes of the same show would still go under one title. Same with music videos by the same band but please, one title per post.

4) Requests do not belong in this community, they belong in capitrequests

5) Please be sure to read the USERINFO and the FAQ before posting caps or questions.

I realize that a lot of this sounds petty but please keep in mind that we are a large community and that requires a lot of give and take in order to even try and make everyone happy.


I made 146 caps(768x576) of a show that's called "de Fabeltjeskrant" over here (Holland)
It's a show for little children and it features a lot of really cute and funny puppets!
The stories are based on tales written by Jean de la Fontaine...

I know it has been aired in other countries as well, but i have no idea what name they gave it, so if you know the english name, let me know and i'll add it!

(Samples and zip)