November 5th, 2005

IT"S DONE YEA!!!!!!!

Okay all I finally finished the caps of the movie Latter Days...A few people who had helped me out greatly wanted to see them when they were done. I opted to not post the caps here due to the content of the movie i didn't want to offend anyone...But if your interested in the Latter Days caps please visit my personal journal vyleishious Thank you so much to all who helped me to finish this project you were all a great help to me and what a relief to finally have it done after 2 days of work....Thanks again....VYLE
Movies - The Fountain

Coffee and Cigarettes

I Capped 113 pictures of the Coffee and Cigarettes segment Jack Shows Meg his Tesla Coil, which features one of my favorite bands The White Stripes. Mainly there is more of Jack, simply because I find him incredibly hot, but there is a fair share of Meg as well.

They are 853 x 480 each, and in jpg. format.

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Have a Shiny Day


I use PowerDVD. When I cap, for some reason my caps (which are .JPGs) are over 2MGs a piece. I don't know how to make them smaller. Any suggestions? Thanks.

EDIT//: Problem solved! Thank you to everyone who responded. ^^