November 6th, 2005

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"Tangled Up in Me" - Skye Sweetnam [47 CAPS]

Capping things is addictive. A bonus feature on the Skye Sweetnam's "Noise From the Basement" CD is her "Tangled Up in Me" video and a making of featurette for the video. I capped both of those and upped them to PB. Caps are 320x240 pixels and are good quality. Enjoy!

( R U L E S )
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( C O N T E N T )
- Skye Sweetnam's "Tangled Up in Me" [music video & behind the scenes]

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Phantom 2004- caps/Specific scenes

I have the whole movie capped, around 7,000 of the things, but it would take too long to upload them all in one go. As somone requested some, I thought I would not waste the links. I can post more if people want them.

Anyway first lot are the Point of no Return up to the unmasking: Ponr_unmasking D/L

Second lot are Christine through the mirror- Phantom of the Opera- Music of the night Mirror-Poto_Motn

Third batch are Masquerade-Red Death- Madame Giry's revelations Masquerade-red death- Madame giry's revelations

Fourth Batch are the WYWSHA and wandering Child and the fight in the cemetary between the Phantom and Raoul

WYWSHA-wandering Child- Sword fight

Quality preview under the cut

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Maleficent - Motive behind the madness

Hana Yori Dango (Live Action): Credits, Episode 01

I was screencapping for my Tsukasa/Tsukushi fanlisting/shrine and I thought I'd share here in case anyone's interested. :) I also have Episode 02 capped, but I'm still uploading the zips. There are 94 caps for the credits, and 885 caps for the episode (zipped into two parts), all sized 704x396.

NO DIRECT-LINKING, and caps may not be placed into galleries and the like. Comments and credits are appreciated. :)

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