November 8th, 2005

Hook Herbal Bitches

DVD List!

Titles with a ** next to them have already been done and should be findable in the memories.

There are a few movies I'm working on right now to fill requests (The Messenger, Breakfast Club & Bubba Ho-Tep) so you don't need to request those again unless you want a specific scene.

Obviously, the more requests I get, the longer it will take to fill them, but *I PROMISE* I will get to everyone. (I know how it sucks to make requests and then not have them filled.)

List behind the cut!
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If you're requesting stuff from a TV show, please tell me the episode Season & Number (and title if you know it.) The only TV series I am qualified to identify episodes by plot (aka "You know - the one where Dax gets a tattoo and Sisko goes to ruins on Bajor")is DS9.
Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

669 Prison Break Caps

669 624x352 caps of last night's Prison Break episode, "Slight of Hand". PLEASE comment if you are taking the caps.

Samples and a zip can be found here.

[ETA] DL link is available in the post now. 5am posting should be discouraged. *facepalm*

Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch Project 2

Okay all here they are 314 caps from the Blair Witch Project 2...I made it a point to take more caps of Kim Director as requested by glitterxsores i also did alot of caps of Tristen Skyler as requested by shirehobbit2002 And also alot of caps of Erica Leershen as requested by ithika Hope these are okay. Sorry they took so long....

Batch 1:
Batch 2:

Please comment if you take any..and credit thanks also please no hotlinking or i will delete the gallery....

I had a question for anyone who might have a suggestion...when i cap i have to convert each picture myself from BMP to JPG...when you have over 500 pics it is quite frustrating???is there something i can use that will convert more then one photo at a time??? I know photobucket will let you upload BMP but i like having the JPG's of them for icons and such....any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance....

Question: Downloading trailers?

I couldnt find this in the memories. So please I hope I'm asking in the right place. How would I come about to downloading trailers for example in Yahoo movies. I cant exactly right click & 'save target as...' since it would be the html I'm downloading not the .mov or .wmf.