November 9th, 2005

lost boy

The Blair Witch Project (367 caps)

Since I had them capped, I thought I'd share my caps of The Blair Witch Project (plus a few from the deleted scene). Samples and link behind the cut.

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ETA: Also at that link you'll find caps from "The Hole", "28 Days", "The Last Unicorn", and two of GNR's music videos, "Don't Cry" and "November Rain".

Son of ETA: Just to clarify, this link does work - although it says on the request community that it does not - it has worked for quite a few people, myself included to test it out. If someone has problems downloading it, it's not the fault of the site it is on, or the zip in question. I have no idea how to make it work for anyone who is having problems.

Grandson of ETA (June 2006): Caps have been moved to their final home, since I'm sick of Lycos shutting down my site and making my caps inaccessable to the community.
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Wind In The Willows: Mole's Cousin

Wind In The Willows, the 80's stop motion animation version. LOVE.

Here's a batch of about two hundred screencaps from the ep "Mole's Cousin". Double the mole joy! And not very much Toad, no, because he makes me want to stab things. Moleys, however, bring lots of wiggly joy.

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A nifty zip file of all of them here (right-click and save as). About 6.5 MB.
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