November 11th, 2005


Black Cat episode 5

Dual-release! Uh, sorta.... mostly because I forgot to post 'em. Y'know how it goes.

Black Cat episode 4: The Cat Smiles
(521 screencaps)
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Black Cat episode 5: The Cat has Decided
(461 screencaps)
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Aaaand, as always, assembled pans can be found over at my journal (for episode 5) and here for episode 4. Because I'm cool like that, y'all.
Comments would be appreciated if you gank, credit is deeeeply appreciated. Have fun!

In case these ever run out, up-to-date uploads are kept in this table of contents. I regularly check the downloads to make sure they haven't expired; but when the files do expire, I reupload them here. Thanks!

Uploading Caps

I have roughly 700 caps of every poison video and i was wondering where i could upload a zip file to make them availible...i tried you send it but i didn't quite get how that works do i send them to myself and copy the url for them??? it is just way easier then uploading them to photobucket lol

*Edit* I also have caps of all of Def Leppard's videos uploaded to a photobucket account if anyone is interested in them reply to this post.

My DVD collection

Thought I Would Share My Dvd Collection With Yall....i went through the mems and the movies listed with a star (*) have already been done....and can be found in the mems of this community. If there is something specific that you want from them i will be more then happy to do it...99 Movies Under Cut.
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