November 12th, 2005


Elfen Lied ; Extra ep.

My friend asked me to cap some Elfen Lied for him. I decided I might as well share.
Those are not normal size, and taken from the Extra episode. Some naked girls, beware ;D
These are mostly of Lucy and Nana, as my friend asked. Sorry for lack of other characters.

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DVD Collection

Here's a list of DVDs that I own which have not appeared in the request memories. - if there's anything you want screencaps of, give me a shout.

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I'll do the whole thing or just specific scenes - let me know.

ETA: in response to what dj43 has said, I've edited my list so that it doesn't include DVDs which have already been capped here at this community. I don't really intend to go and cap a movie which has already been done at least once by someone else.

ETA 2: I've lost my capping facility but will try and sort it out in the near future. Glad I've been able to help a few of you in the meantime!
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Flipping your fins you don't get too far

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Hi! I'm new to the community, and I thought I would lend out my huge DVD collection and small music video collection. ^^

Starred movies/music videos have already been filled and can be found in the memories section of this community. If there is a specific request not in the zips already listed in the memories, it can be requested, but only after checking the memories. I don't want someone's hard work to be overlooked because someone was too lazy to look through it. Everyone here goes through a lot of time to do these.

Note: Capping probably won't start until December after the Fall Term ends at College. If I have free time, I will try to start capping requests before then, but chances look slim.

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ETA: This entry has been updated, and only non-memory movies/music videos/tv shows are listed. I will eventually cap everything listed here, but as mentioned previously, taking requests from this list first. I am also throwing in requests from capitrequests into my capping list, so those will be available first. Thanks for dj43 for bringing the long list issue to light. ^^
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Harvey (Full Movie) - 575 caps

"I started to walk down the street when I heard a voice saying: 'Good evening, Mr. Dowd'. I turned, and there was this big white rabbit leaning against a lamp-post. Well, I thought nothing of that! Because when you've lived in a town as long as I've lived in this one, you get used to the fact that everybody knows your name."

575 caps from the classic James Stewart movie, Harvey. Take, comment, credit.

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