November 15th, 2005

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Harvey Birdman 03x06 - Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs

I am still trying to get all the eps, but eventually I will cap them all! This episode just happens to be the one that I was watching last night.

My season one caps made from the DVD can be found here.

Harvey Birdman 03x06 - Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs (260 caps, 13.6MB) Click to go to download page.

Please comment if downloading and credit if used for icons, graphics, etc.

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my average file size in a zip is 60KB, and when i make a zip of about 300 screen caps it is about 40MB, is there a way i can make the zip smaller, or is there a program i can download to make it smaller?
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Roswell, anyone?

Does anyone want any caps from the TV series Roswell? I'd cap whole episodes, not scenes. I'd prefer not to cap stuff in the memories, but if you want it more done more thoroughly (I tend to cap 1,000+ per episode) I don't mind.

If you want something done, please list the EPISODE TITLE and do not give me a description. I'm viewing the series for the first time and do not want to be spoiled. Also, I only have season one right now (so if you request something from s1, it will probably get done within the next few days), but I will have season two within a couple days and season three within a month.

Again, give me the episode title, not a description. Spoil me and I'll ignore your request.

K, here are the episodes I'm capping so far:
1x01 - Pilot
1x09 - Heat Wave
1x10 - The Balance
1x12 - Into The Woods
1x14 - Blind Date
1x16 - Sexual Healing
1x19 - Four Square
1x20 - Max to the Max
1x22 - The White Room
2x21 - Off The Menu

( I'll update the list if I get more comments. )

Daniel Radcliffe caps - Rove [Live] Interview 15th Nov.

Okay, Dnaiel Radcliffe was on Rove Live tonight and I decided I'd try hand at capping the interview. I don't have many [13 in all] because it was very much the same looks, but I tried to get as many expressions as possible foryou people, and hope you like them. I would add more but it's repetative.... downside of capping interviews. It's just about the expression.

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The caps are HD captured *nods* If anyone else actually capped the interview perhaps they can give you more expression. These caps are great for icon resizing.

Cardcaptor Sakura episode 01 screencaps

Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 01: Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book, PLUS Kero-chan CHECK, episode 01
697 caps @ 720x480 resolution, 52.4 mb

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Please comment if you take! Credit (to, please!)is loved. ♥ All of my projects are indexed in my journal's pseudo "Table of contents".

4/13: Uploaded to rapidshare with a smaller filesize and in a single zip. In a word: FTW.
4/22(of '07): Finally updated the link here to This link will never go down! EVER.