November 21st, 2005


Peach Girl: Ep. 01

Category: Anime
Title: Peach Girl
Episode No: 1
Caps of: Opening, Episode, Eyecatchers.
Total Caps: 756
Format Type: Jpeg.
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1. Subtitles - Some of these images do have subtitles. I tried to get the images without the subs, but that's kind of hard since my programme doesn't go through frame by frame unless it's a DVD. I don't have the raws, sorry.
2. Numbering - Somehow or another, the numbering got really messed up :/ I was doing it at 1:30 last night on a school night, so I don't know what happened. Sorry. They're all there, just numbered funky.
3. Double Post - I didn't realize until after the caps were taken and uploaded that this episode had already been capped by someone else. Well, I decided to go ahead and post it, just in case I got a different angle or something than the previous person. So... enjoy, I guess.

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