November 25th, 2005


Cardcaptor Sakura episode 04

Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 04 - Sakura's Tiring Sunday
+Kero-chan CHECK! Episode 04

(512 screencaps @720x480 res)

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The zips are being offered in both full form, and split forms. And those strikes? Er... Yousendit is being a mean-spirited whore, (God, I love that term.) so I gave up halfway through uploading last night. (Three different re-upload attempts? Ya godda be kiddin' me.) But the strikes are there as placeholders, because I'm definitely going to be trying again.

Comment if you take, and credit would be lovely. Enjoy! Assembled pans can be found at my journal.
  • byouki

How cap using bsplayer?

Im sure this has been asked quite a few times in here but how do you cap using bsplayer? I mean the settings are there but I cant find the button or option to make it actually screen capture. Someone please enlighten me on how to do this then bonk me upside the head for being clueless, thanks.
  • lilycup

Bleak House Caps

I've made some caps of the fabulous new Drama Bleakhouse, by the BBC. Everyone is free to use them, all I ask is that you credit me if you do use them :)

I'm hoping to cap every episode, and I have the first seven uploaded now. Episode 8 will be uploaded within the next few days, along with episode 9.

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* If the links expire and you would still like a set(s) of caps, then please post a comment asking me to re-upload and I will a.s.a.p. :) Also, future episode caps will probably be posted in individual posts from now on.

Enjoy! :)