November 30th, 2005

  • holic

hp goblet of fire. part 1

sorry this took so long. i have 2 jobs so its taken me awhile. quality is crap like the others but ahem im going a tad bit crazy with the caps although some turned out shakey and i apologize for that. i tried to get some cool scenes but they turned out blegh.

Part 1 - 1692 caps
beginning to after dumbledore announces harry's name.

preview and download links">

Blood Drips on Newsies Square

Eleven screencaps from Blood Drips. This movie is dang hard to cap, because it was shot on a camcorder and there's loads of camera movement, and more frames are blurred than not. I'm already capping it at the best rez I have access to. It's still not perfect, but the caps size down nicely and sharply for icons ::points to my icon::

Only did a handful of caps since I'm still experimenting with how to do it. Should I do more?

Samples and link are on my LJ.