December 2nd, 2005

ariel broadway
  • ruthieb

Disney's Aladdin

I know it's been done before, but I really did these with the intention of using them at my site, but I decided I'd post them here anyway.  Plus, it's one of my favourite animated movies, so ... don't want 'em, ignore 'em.

All captures are 650 x 374 JPGs, resized for the purposes of protecting the aspect ratio, the movie being in widescreen format.  Captures of the entire movie.

Aladdin, available at this post at my capping journal, ruthies_caps.

[x] Please comment at my journal if you download the zip
[x] Please credit either ruthieb or ruthies_caps if you decide to use them
[x] Please let me see any icons or anything else you might make with them.

And don't forget the request thread!  Current project: The Neverending Story.
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  • jubilli

Screencap Question - Not working

Alright, I have a new notebook computer with a DVD-player and I've been trying to make screencaps for about an hour. I downloaded a couple programs that do screencaps and tried them out and all I got was a black screen where my movie should be. So then I turned off the Video Acceleration and that didn't help either. I've tried using WinDVD 5 and PCFriendly DVD and neither of them work. Does anyone have any suggestions?