December 8th, 2005


Cardcaptor Sakura episode 17

Cardcaptor Sakura episode 17: Sakura's scary test of Courage
+ Leave it to Kero!

(374 caps @640x480 res. 34.25 mb)

_Comment if you download! (PLZ?!)
_Credit if you use~ (again, PLZ?!)
_Enjoy! ♥ (..Kay! XD)

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Assembled pans can be found over at my journal. (What do you mean there's only one? And a minor character, at that?! Oh, sorrow.) Anyway! Comment if you download, credit is appreciated if you decide to use 'em! Enjoy, and whatnot. xD

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SG1 - Daniel Jackson is :]
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Serenity - DVD quality screencaps

(About 4,500 Screencaps @ 656 x 272)

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This is my first capping, and I got a little screen happy in the beginning.

Very detailed cap of River's last fight scene. Will reupload at request, though I'm having trouble with filefront and megaupload with timeouts. If I get some mirrors up, I'll edit this post. Uploaded to filefront.

Show your love for Serenity :]

Credit & comments are appreciated, but not required <3

Also : Since its DVD, I can do more hi-res screencaps, so if there is any particular scene or part you want, comment and I'll do my best to fill the request.
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One Tree Hill - 3x09 - "How A Ressurection Really Feels"

I've got 1,108 screencaps all sized 608x336 of One Tree Hill - 3x09 - "How A Ressurection Really Feels". Three samples are behind the cut, and you can find the gallery here or you can download the .ZIP by right-clicking here - it's 28 MB in size, btw.

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I'd appreciate it if you comment if you download them, and credit myself or whoresque if you use them in icons/graphics. :) Enjoy! Also, sorry this is so late. I've had the caps up for awhile (and apparently some of you guys noticed, there's over 30 views and I'm just now posting this :P) but couldn't post.

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