December 11th, 2005

Einstein and Zippy

Six Feet Under: Season 1

I have the first Season of Six Feet Under for the next few days and was wondering if anyone wanted caps of any of the episodes. I'm a mega cap taker so there will probably be a 1,000 plus. I also have caps for the third season finale, "Sorry, I'm Lost" if anyone wants those, just let me know:)
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Hana Yori Dango Live Action Episode 07

Episode seven screencaps, yay! :) But there's just two more episodes to go. :( Some caps have Japanese text along the top, they were earthquake announcements (as someone told me, hehe... I couldn't read them). There are 894 caps, zipped into two parts, all sized 704x396.

NO DIRECT-LINKING, and caps may not be placed into website galleries and the like. Comments and credits are appreciated. :)

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Bleak House Caps - Episode 13

Here are caps for Bleak House, episode 13. Everyone is free to use them, all I ask is that you credit me if you do :)

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* If the links expire and you would still like the set of caps, then please post a comment asking me to re-upload and I will a.s.a.p. :)

Enjoy! :)