December 14th, 2005

Kurosaki Ichigo

Sailor Moon SuperS Movie Screenshots

Sailor Moon

Episode: Black Dream Hole (SuperS Movie)
Format: MEGAUPLOAD zip 28.9 MB
Number of caps: 674 caps/caps are 720x480/JPG format

Once again my intention wasn't to screencap the whole movie, just good scenes and art. But again I got carried away ^^;;. It gives you a pretty good idea of the movie though some stuff is missing. Plenty of good caps. (To those who downloaded my previous caps of the movie, these are generally less blurry since I figured out the frame by frame feature so you may want to download these.. yeah I'm dumb -_-;;;) Credit is not required but I would appreciate it if you commented when you download so I know it is actually being downloaded. Sample and download link under cut.

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GoF Trailer Caps

138 Goblet of Fire Trailer Caps.

These are from the second trailer. I'm working on the additional scenes that were recently released and will get those out shorts.

+ Comment
+ Credit please because I worked hard on these.
+ Do not hotlink the examples.

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just woundering.....

hi i was woundering and seeing as no one else has capped this episode if anyone would like the latest episode of the simpsons 17x08 - the italian bob capped i curently have it on my comp and i would mind capping it if anyone else wanted it?

comment if you would like it or if you/somelse has already capped it or is capping it.
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Clover (anime short)

Category: Anime
Title: Clover
Caps Of: Whole Episode (6:32 mins)
Total Caps: 224
Cap Dimensions: 645x452 pixels

Special thanks to chibiyuuto and atzur for making the video available.

( Previews and Zips )
Torrents for this can probably be found on AnimeSuki.

If you are downloading, please comment and credit either jubilli or magnetboyicons. Thank you and enjoy!

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