December 20th, 2005

Capping help

Okay, so I use PowerDVD to cap my problem. The stupid color scheme/whatever.

Basically, all my caps look like this:

Collapse )

Anyone know what setting to change or who I have to do to fix this?? *cries and whines a bit*

BTW, I hope this is allowed here, because I'm desperate. Damn desperate.

Black Cat episode 11 screencaps

Black Cat episode 11: Lying Cat
(445 caps @640x480 res., 20.21 mb)

_Comment if you gank!
_Credit if you use.
_Hurray for drinking buddies!

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Assembled pans can be found at my journal. Enjoy!

In case these ever run out, up-to-date uploads are kept in this table of contents. I regularly check the downloads to make sure they haven't expired; but when the files do expire, I reupload them here. Thanks!