December 21st, 2005

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If this is not permitted please let me know and I'll move it to requests or some such. I am at my wit's end on this.

I'm trying to cap The Mask of Zorro - specifically, the swordfight, for a Christmas present for my friend. I need big, hi-res caps, as I'm trying to make her a header/layout as a present. I'm using Paraben's Screen Capture, because I don't have access to LimeWire or sommat and I'm flat broke, so too poor for PowerDVD or something like that. When I set it up to cap, it will cap. But my issue is this.

Say I cap 5 shots, #1-#5. I save them all separately as .png files. However, when I open, say, #4, it shows the most recent image; i.e., image #5. And if I cap a sixth image, all my previously saved .pngs will turn into #6. It's that way for all of them. I've been through the menus, I've clicked off the "replace image" buttons and things like that, but I just can't get this to work. Any help/suggestions, or can anyone point me to these caps? XD
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I've been thinking about capping something alongside Dark Angel just to keep things mixed up a little bit and, in particular, I was thinking season 5 of CSI since my mom was gracious enough to buy it for me. :D

So, the real question is whether or not anyone had any preferences on what episodes got capped first? I haven't decided yet whether I would strive for the whole season but thought if people had suggestions then I could go from there.