December 23rd, 2005


Care Bears 'Starry Skies' DVD

Here are 185 screencaps from the Care Bears "Starry Skies" DVD which contains the following shorts: The Night The Stars Went Out, Dry Spell, and The Cloud Worm.

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You might credit, you might not. Whatever. XD But if you take them I'd love a comment just so I know someone is actually wanting to take them. :)

Over 300 Saturday Night Live Screencaps

I have taken and uploaded caps from:
. Best of Will Ferrel
. Best of David Spade
. Best of Jimmy Fallon
. Ep where Catherine Zeta Jones hosted
. Ep where Jon Heder hosted
. Sex and the City parody sketch with Christina Aguilera
. Episode from 2001 where Conan O'Brien hosted
. Lindsey Lohan monologue with Amy Poehler as Avril Lavigne and Rachel Dratch as Hilary Duff

Much more coming soon, so keep on checking. I would appreciate credit :) Thank yous rule my world.

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Caps also from ASSSSCAT Improv special that aired on Bravo on the site.