December 31st, 2005

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Happy Feet trailer & March of the Penguins

Here are some caps I got from the DVD. Samples are under the cut. There's lots of shots of the babies, cause they're the cutest. :-)

Happy Feet trailer (15 picture zip file) approx. 250 KB
March of the Penguins (250 picture zip file) approx. 9 MB

Please save to your own computer. Credit isn't necessary, but let me know if you're taking them. Cause.. it's just nice to know my time wasn't wasted!

Let me know if the files ever aren't working and I'll be happy to fix them.

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Love Actually. Specifc Andrew Lincoln scene

I said I do this a while ago but that was before my computer fucked up. I've capped, and made a movie clip of the specific and I can't remember who it was but here are the links.

This is the scene where Juliet has just viewed the wedding video and finds out Mark's in love with her and the clip starts from when he walks out the door. The actual clip can be downloaded here or you can download the version where I just held my finger on 'P' and hoped for the best which you can find HERE.

I did both incase someone doesn't have animation shot or something else that you cannot see a clip frame by frame etc. I don't know how to describe it properly but I know what I'm talking about. :P