so_out_of_ideas (so_out_of_ideas) wrote in cap_it,

She-Ra Screencaps: Season 1, Vol 2-Disc 1

Okay, this is the first and possibly only time I will be posting screencaps. I make them occassionally, but usuallly the stuff is available from a better capper anyway. I may post further caps if there is enough interest. It depends on the number of comments I receive.

I have FINALLY gotten the DVD boxsets of She-Ra and He-Man and I've only seen screencaps posted once. I thought there might be a few 80s children left who would like some caps.

Samples and Download info @ so_out_of_icons

1x33-A Talent For Trouble *crossover episode featuring Orko and He-Man (YAY!)
1x34-Troll's Dream*Ahgo the Troll King, Scorpia, and Shadow Weaver
1x35-Black Snow*Frosta episode
1x36-The Unicorn King *The title says it all *GRIN*
1x37-The Anxious Apprentice*Castaspella and Scorpia
1x38-Zoo Story*Kowl gets a girlfriend.
1x39-Into the Dark Dimension*The obligatory "hero and villain work together" episode.

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