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Cap It!

A Screencap Sharing Community

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Cap It! - Screencap Sharing
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Welcome to Cap It!

Rules and Guidelines | Make a Request | Fill a Request | Browse the Memories | Browse the Tags | Livejournal FAQ
Cap It FAQ - Please read before asking questions in the community.


1. Please post screencaps only.

2. Be friendly and courteous.

3. Please do not disable comments.

4. Tag your posts!

5. Use the subject line.

6. LJ-cut is your friend. For help with lj-cuts, please read the FAQ.

7. Comment and credit. Give credit where it is due.

8. Watch for spoilers. Put all spoilers (things that would ruin the movie for someone who hadn't seen it) behind an lj-cut with a warning, including sample caps.

9. Make requests here.

10. No links to friends locked entries, entries that will "only be public for one week", or forums that require registrations, or "comment for the password", etc. This is an open community!

11. Preview images are okay. Just make sure they're no larger than 400px on the longest side.

12. If you would like to post anything other than screencaps, please contact one of the mods to get permission for the post first. :)


You can link to the group by using one of the following banners (please save images to your own server):

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